First in the region 

Monte Carlo used to mostly be known for its casinos, but now it is changing that completely. Monte Carlo beach restaurant Elsa is the first all-organic restaurant to receive a Michelin star in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) region. The acquisition of such star can play a major role in the success of a restaurant. 

The Elsa restaurant is at the moment certified as 100% organic. This shows that all ingredients, which are used for the amazing dishes in this restaurant, are products of organic farming, and they have a complete traceability. Now there are tourists who come to Monte Carlo just to get a chance to go to this highly awarded restaurant. Paolo Sari, who is the main chef of Elsa, has said that he is trying to get three more restaurants in that area to use only organic products. According to Sari, he wants to show people that high quality food can also be good for your health.  

Your next holiday destination 

If you are someone who truly cares about organically produced food, then Monte Carlo could be your next holiday destination. People from all around the world come here to visit a Michelin Star rated restaurant. While you are waiting for your flight ticket’s reservation, you can also start practicing your casino games skills which will be very useful in Monte Carlo. You can click the link here, and prepare for your holidays. Organic restaurants are just one of the reasons to visit this exquisite place, and it is something that you can write in your bucket list. 

This Monte Carlo restaurant is taking its certification as 100% organic very seriously. Meat is selected by organic criteria which they pay a lot of attention to. The chefs also make ice cream with carefully selected ingredients because everything from milk to the fruit must be fresh and organic. Even bread is kneaded and baked in the kitchen two times per day. A lot of extra virgin olive oil is used during the preparation of dishes because it is said to be essential for the human body.  

No to GMOs 

monte carlo view

Moreover, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are not used in this restaurant. The chefs of Elsa are trying to show that natural products can create the best taste in any dish. Furthermore, some people think that organic and natural food is depriving them of gastronomical pleasures, but the chefs prove that to be completely wrong. Every member of the Monte Carlo beach restaurant Elsa is passionate about organic food, and that is also one of the main reasons why this restaurant is so successful.  

Monte Carlo has changed a lot during previous years, and it seems that it is not planning to stop. Elsa is showing a great example to other restaurants on how to incorporate healthy lifestyle to their businesses, and it is attracting many tourists who prefer organic ingredients. It looks like this is just the beginning of the new era of Monte Carlo, so it would be great to start looking for flight tickets while the line to this restaurant is not too long.