The problem with the media is that everyone now has a voice. In a way, it is great but that also allows posing as an expert when you are not. Not only that, but it’s also incredibly easy to do.

That’s why nowadays no debate can finally reach a consensus because there is a never-ending process of deceiving people.  

Why debates never end these days?


99% of scientists agree that climate change is real and, at least partially, is man-made. And yet, especially in America, the debate is as heated as if it was 50/50.

Or vaccines causing autism. Despite the fact that the myth has even been debunked by the people who started it in the first place, the ball is rolling, and you can’t stop it.

And the same goes with GMOs. There is so much information about it, including false. If you want a shortcut, listen to a credible scientist that has worldwide reputation.

The reason why there is so much misconceptions about GMOs is our hate of the corporations.

Our Love For Hate

monsanto protest

In nowadays, using the power of social media you can gather a group of angry protesters for any cause in a matter of minutes. It is easy because we love outrage – to watch as well as participate.

When it comes to GMOs, it’s not the science about it that we hate but the name – Monsanto.

Monsanto has been exposed many times for spraying food with all sorts of chemicals. But they also do various tests with GMOs. In the culture of outrage these two combine.

But they shouldn’t. GMOs

GMO’s are the reason for food your melon

The only difference is instead of waiting to hit, you take active participation. Imagine you want to play games online. You can wait until you find some money lying on a floor. Or you can actively search for places that give you, let’s say 50 free spins.

Whether you like it or not, genetical engineering is the future. It will allow our population to grow and have enough food for everyone. And we have to stop wasting time on debates that have been already cleared long ago.